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Simplicity is the Greatest of All Virtues

With ING Bank of Canada, we at Chapdelaine provide you with all the necessary tools to efficiently manage your assets. To make any changes, all you have to do is contact us.

No matter what the amount, you can withdraw as much money as you have available, without any penalties or fees. You are not required to make a minimum deposit or maintain a minimum balance in order to receive the best available interest rate.

At ING Bank of Canada, moving your money is easy, safe and secure through a process called electronic funds transfer (EFT).

You can access your money via the Internet, telephone, fax and mail.

When you request a withdrawal, the funds are deposited in your chequing account, usually within two business days.

To withdraw or deposit funds through the Internet, simply go online to the ING Bank of Canada site at and follow the steps:

  1. Link to the 'Client Sign In' page
  2. Enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) and your password
  3. Choose the 'Move Money' option
  4. Follow the links to 'Move Money'

It's that simple! For further information or to open an account at ING Bank of Canada, simply call us contact us by e-mail. We'll reply within within 24 hours during our business hours. Chapdelaine is an authorized financial representative of ING Bank of Canada.

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