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An Auto Insurance That is One Step Ahead!

Are you looking for comprehensive, competitive auto insurance?

Would you like to be able to add other insurance products such as home insurance to your policy? The solution offered by ING Insurance covers:

  • Your vehicle
  • Your general liability (for the damage that you or members of your family living with you could cause to others)
  • Your passengers (in the event of death)

Personalize your auto insurance to suit your needs with options such as:

  • The 2-Year Policy - to freeze your premium*
  • Synchro Insurance - to combine your home and auto policies
  • Orange Signature Auto - protects your good driving record for five years from a premium increase even if you are held at fault in an accident during the policy term.**
  • INOV - to take advantage of outstanding additional benefits

No claims in the past 3 years? Then there is zero deductible when you make your next claim with ING Insurance - whether you are at fault or not

We also insure caravans and commercial vehicles, as well as fleets of 5 or more vehicles.

Would you like more information? Call us or contact us by e-mail: we will get back to you within within 24 hours during our business hours.

* Certain conditions apply.
** Certain conditions and eligibility criteria apply.
*** Personal use vehicles only - certain conditions apply.

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2-Year Policy
Orange Signature Auto
Synchro Insurance
Protected Value Warranty