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Net Worth

Want to know if your financial situation is improving? The table below will help you draft a portrait of your current financial condition. Compute your net worth now and again in a few weeks and compare results to see if your financial picture is improving or getting worse.


Fill in the six sections below, making sure to click on the "Compute" button after each section. You may edit your entries as often as needed, but be sure to recompute each time you modify the content in any section. Once all sections have been completed (including the Summary Assets and Liabilities) and if you're comfortable with your Cash Flow Forecast, click on the "Create Report" button to generate a condensed report on your Net Worth.

Cash assets

     Asset description

Market value

Total Cash Assets:

Investment assets

     Asset description

Market value

Total Investment Assets:

Retirement assets

     Asset description

Market value

Total Retirement Assets:

Personal assets

     Asset description

Market value

Total Personal Assets:

Unsecured liabilities

     Liability description

Amount owed

Total Unsecured Liabilities:

Secured liabilities

     Liability description

Amount owed

Total Secured Liabilities:

Summary of Assets & Liabilities




Cash Assets:


Investment Assets:


Retirement Assets:


Personal Assets:


Unsecured Liabilities:


Secured Liabilities:



Net Worth:


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