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Our Commitment is Unique in the Industry!

Our mission is to provide you with the best available services and products. One example is ING Insurance's Commitment to Satisfaction when you subscribe an insurance policy. 

  1. When you make a claim for an accident covered by your Insurance policy, ING Insurance promises to:
    • Contact you within 24 hours
    • Make you the best offer of settlement possible under the circumstances, without your having to haggle or bargain over it 
  2.  ING Insurance's claims adjuster will clarify a number of important points with you, including:
    • The coverage provided in your insurance policy
    • Emergency measures to take, for example, in the event of theft or water damage
    • Temporary courtesy car privileges
    • Temporary accommodation procedures, if applicable

The claims adjuster can also help you choose a reputable body shop, car dealership, restorer, contractor or other goods or services providers in your area.

 3 -  Should your vehicle be declared a total loss, you may choose to either:

    • Receive compensation based on the total loss; or
    • Have your vehicle repaired (if it is considered safe and if the cost of the repair does not exceed the vehicle's value)

4 -  If you are not satisfied

    • Contact our office or the Vice-President, Claims, at ING Insurance, at 1 800 363 5401

5 - And finally, if ING Insurance fails to fulfil its commitment in the event of a claim, this excellent insurance company will:

    • Remedy the situation
    • Refund the annual premium that applies to the property for which the loss was claimed
    • And that's why we say that this commitment is unique in the industry!
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