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Your Knowing Advisors!

As a financial services firm*, our objective is to make sure that you are properly insured and properly advised, and to help you choose products and services to manage your financial future as effectively as possible.

Our purchasing power allows us to negotiate insurance programs and a range of products with world class insurers in Quebec, US and Europe at very competitive rates. We can also respond to specific needs in the insurance and financial services fields.

Our mission

Our goal is to give our clients the benefit of leading-edge expertise and a range of diverse partners, so that we can live up to our reputation as trustworthy and efficient consultants.

Our vision

Whether in financial services or in general insurance, Chapdelaine intends to maintain its position as leader and offer its customers distinctly above-average service and products.

What differentiates us, first and foremost? Our corporate culture.

*Chapdelaine Insurance and Financial Services a damage insurance and financial service firm.

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